ABOUT Imanov Media

Making stores leader in their industry

We are Creative remote Agency solving retention issues.

We pride ourselves in our ability to partner with clients and to become an extension of their team.

We create killer email marketing campaigns to help companies of all shapes and sizes to grow in an increasingly competitive and multi-channel world. We’re discipline agnostic, and we’ll pick the best technologies to get the job done.


Which services are you specialized on?

We are specifically focused on Email and SMS Marketing. For all of our clients, we lead their email marketing process while there are some others which we use SMS as well, together with email. SMS marketing is an add-on service which we offer after analyzing the brand, to see if it would help to get to the goal.

Are you doing e-Commerce Consulting?

Yes we do. Our team consists of also eCommerce Strategy Consultants which help you to solve the current issues that you face with your brand and propose new solutions to get you out of it with the maximum ROI.

Why we should choose you

Unlike other agencies in the space, we are growth focused, creative, specific, research & data centric, and timely, all at the same time. Those are our core principles, and we apply those principles to the campaigns we make. You can learn more about our differences in the Process page.

How a process looks like to become a partner with you? 

After having a strategy session, we come up with a proposal for our clients to improve their performance on email marketing via the use of data-driven and proven marketing techniques. If approved, we kick-off your project to reach your goals.

All these steps do not exceed 4-6 weeks, so we can work together as soon as in 4 weeks.


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