4 Cart Abandonment Strategies That Convert Better Than Email

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Since the eCommerce industry grows, problems faced by eCommerce stores grow as well. Currently, cart abandonment is one of the prominent issues that brands face in their online store. According to the statistics by Statista, there has been a slight increase in the shopping cart abandonment rate since 2014. There are several factors that lead visitors to not complete their purchases while shopping, however a lot of online stores consider it as a usual thing and do not prepare a structured plan for recovering abandoned carts.

Usually, visitors who left their cart before making a purchase are retargeted with Facebook ads or short email campaigns which are considered useful to win back these visitors who didn’t finish their purchase. Since there are not other famous or established strategies for recovering abandoned carts apart from retargeting ads and email marketing, we have come up with different techniques and tips which can be applied by online stores to maximize revenue from abandoned carts and re-engage with their visitors.

1. Push notifications on website and desktop

Push Notification is an active and uncomplicated way used by online stores to recover abandoned carts and to further communicate with them. They can be used on both Desktop and Mobile, and it doesn’t require the visitor to be on the website.  Even though you can’t bring in a high amount of content with push notification, it is as effective as email when it comes to recovering abandoned carts. While there is a high chance that your email will not be read by the visitor, on push notifications, there is a big chance for your message to be read and interacted by the subscriber.

As reported by Retail Dive, Push notification has an engagement rate of 21% while CTR for emails is around 3%. One of the main reasons for push notification to have high CTR rates is the lack of competition for push notification which means it is less crowded, so it is time to get in and build a push notification campaign for your store. 

There are a few things that you need to consider while building a cart abandonment campaign for your store. 

The first thing you need to take into account is the timing of push notification in your campaign. It is an important factor to make your campaign run successful enough. If you have customers from different parts of the world, then it is better to schedule your messages considering their time zones. Another way would be to segment your audience based on their timezone and build different campaigns for them.

Secondly, to get higher engagement for push notification campaign, you can create a scarcity which would increase CTR by making receiver concerned missing out the product/offer. 

According to the Principles of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini “It’s not enough simply to tell people about the benefits they’ll gain if they choose your products and services. You’ll also need to point out what is unique about your proposition and what they stand to lose if they fail to consider your proposal.”

Using FOMO on your campaign will have a noticeable effect on the success of your campaign. 

VWO, 2020.

2. Calling Customers

One of the underrated approaches by eCommerce stores for recovering abandoned carts is calling the visitors when they do not finish their purchase. This approach is not used and considered frequently by online stores, however, results show that calling your visitors who left their cart before purchasing, lead to more abandoned cart recovery. According to Hmscommerce, calling abandoned cart customers resulted in over 50% abandoned checkout recovery rate. It is a very high indicator compared to any other channels that are used for getting back people to finish their purchase. There are also other very crucial benefits of calling your customers in addition to recovering your abandoned carts. 

Calling customers would also help you to gain better insights about customers’ journeys on your online store and discover the issues that resulted in abandoned checkouts. It would allow you to increase conversion rates as well which would also result in extra revenue over time. A study by Statista shows that the reason for 25% of the visitors who abandoned their cart was the complexity of the website navigation and the low speed of the website. It would also be a case for your website, and calling your visitors who left the website leaving something on their cart, would give you deeper insight if it was the reason for them to do so. Customer feedback is a crucial aspect to improve the performance of your online store to convert more visitors into customers. 

Apart from identifying issues on your online store and improving customer experience, 1-on-1 communication with your customers would also result in higher customer retention over the period. 

But how you are gonna do all of this if you have never called any of your visitors for bringing them back to your store? 

The first thing to bear in mind is that you always should have a script if you are making calls to your customers. Your conversation would not go in the same direction with every visitor but being prepared for the call would show your expertise and result in a higher success rate. When having the call with your customer, do not try to sell it immediately, but focus more on the reasons why they left without buying and get their feedback about your store. After building a rapport with them, you can make a good offer/discount, and even upsell extra products to increase AOV.

The second rule you need to follow is the timing of your call. The best approach is to call the abandoned cart customer immediately cart abandonment happens. Calling them right after they left your website would maximize your takeaways from your call because it is the time when they remember most about their experience in your online store. Further than that, they can still be on their computer which is a higher chance for you to make them finish their purchase. 

These techniques for making a call to your abandoned cart customer are not that hard to implement and they can bring in outstanding results for your store if applied correctly.

3. SMS Marketing

Another untapped channel that would be really helpful for abandoned cart recovery is SMS messaging. SMS has an open rate of 98% and 90% of the SMS messages are read in the 3 minutes of sending. It has the highest open rate compared to any other channel. 

In addition to that, based on the findings of SaleCycle, CTA for SMS is as high as 36%, while it is only 3.2% for Email. Considering these numbers, SMS is an essential and influential marketing channel to recover abandoned carts. As in other marketing channels, you also need to have a strong plan and strategy to get the highest ROI from your SMS campaign.

The process in SMS marketing is the same as abandoned email sequences. Here is an example of an SMS sequence targeted to recover abandoned carts.

  • 1st Message after 30 minutes - Check if there was any problems
  • 2nd Message after 24 hours - Offer incentive
  • 3rd Message after 48 hours  - Use scarcity

Here are the tips for SMS marketing to build an effective abandonment cart recovery campaign.

1.Personalize your message with the name. 

Personalization is an important factor for SMS messaging to show that you are not sending sms blast to your list. Mention the name of customer’s name on your message.

2. Have a clear Call to Action

Mention and bring the attention to CTA that you will use for the product. Sending a message without having a direction is useless. Having a clear CTA will help you to bring more visitors back to your store.

3. Use Image

You can send messages with only text, however including an image would increase the engagement rate of visitors. 

SMSBump, 2019.

4. Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger is another text messaging tool that you can use for recovering your abandoned carts. In the last few years Messenger has become quite popular among smartphone users. According to the statistics, there were 1.3 billion messenger users in 2017.  There are several indicators that prove that Messenger is a powerful and adaptable channel for marketing purposes. Experiments done by Hubspot show that Messenger has 619% more engagement than email. Open rates for Messenger is around 80% while CTR usually varies from 13% to 20%.

"I believe within 5 years, Messenger will be the largest marketing channel in the world." - Ezra Firestone

By using Messenger for abandoned cart campaigns, you would not only increase your results, but also provide a better experience for your customers. Particularly in Messenger, you can provide in-app payments which would allow your customer to finish their purchase while they are on the app, which provides an easier checkout process for your customer. In addition to that, by using Messenger bots you can respond immediately to your customers which would take a huge amount of work from your customer support team. Providing a better customer experience and support increases the customer retention rate in itself which is an increased LTV of your customer.

Klaviyo, 2018.

Since the content sent by Messenger is almost the same as SMS, we do not see a need to create a totally different campaign for these channels. For this reason, sequences used for SMS can also be optimized and applied to your marketing campaign on messenger.  

These are the 4 most underrated strategies that we found helpful for boosting recovery rates, however, while using these channels to recover your abandoned carts, there are also a few more things that you need to take into account. 

  1. Segment your audience. 

Whatever the channel you use, always segment your audience. Do not send the same message that you send to a new audience, to the person who is already your customer.

Crafting different messages for the buying frequency of your customers, would result in higher conversion rates.

  1. Build a new campaign after your abandonment sequence. 

Do not stop or send inappropriate messages (messages containing the promotion of products that were not in their interest) if they don’t convert immediately after your abandonment campaign. Having some items left in their cart on your store, means they had an interest in your products. Identify the visitors who didn’t come back even after your campaign for abandoned carts and send them messages containing the story of your brand and social proof for your products. It would bring additional customers in the long run and increase the awareness of your brand. 

If you are interested in abandonment cart management or have any questions regarding it, schedule a strategy session to see how we can help you to have a ideal abandonment cart strategy to gain more customers and stop leaving money on the table.

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