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Our process is not a one-time strategy that most of the brands apply. We constantly evolve on the strategies, make tests to find more opportunities and improvements that we can apply to the campaign. Channels we use for that process are Email and SMS. We use multi-channel approach by mixing Email and SMS marketing.

Review & Audit

The first step in our process is the assessment, where we analyze your business and perform a detailed audit of your retention marketing efforts.

Unique Strategy

Based on your needs and the data we get from you, we build a unique strategy and marketing plan for your brand.

Content & Design

We write & design exclusive content for your Email and SMS campaigns and we make sure designs are tailored to the design guidelines of your brand.

Ultra Segmentation

We segment your audience based on different criterias to deliver most relevant content to your subscribers. It will help to maximize conversions from Email and SMS campaigns.

A/B Testing

We're obsessive about testing every aspect of your campaign to ensure you see the best results possible. Our tests are never "canned" or generic; we focus on collecting real data from real users to produce authentic results.


We optimize accounts constantly to make sure your campaigns are profitable and that your revenue is growing.

Why we?

We're Growth driven

Ecommerce ppc management

Our focus is exclusively on the growth of our clients. We know ins and outs of email marketing and it helps us to grow revenue of ecommerce brands by leveraging the power of emails.

We make sure your ecommerce emails are top-notch, tailored to your customers' interests, and delivered at the right time for maximum impact.

We know that the revenue is not the only factor for the growth of your brand. Thus, through the use of the use of new retention strategies we increase customer lifecycle, grow revenue and build a strong brand presence among your audience.

We're Creative

Ecommerce conversion rate optimization

We stand out as creative, because we don't just stick to prepackaged templates for our clients. We are always on the hunt for innovative, unique ways to tackle issues and build campaigns for brands.

We value and respect every idea, which is why we are able to incorporate innovative solutions into our campaigns.

Creativity is at the heart of what we do, so you can count on us to go above and beyond with your email marketing efforts!

we're specific

Ecommerce content marketing

Email marketing is all we do! We are one of the few agencies in the world who can say they put their sole focus on email marketing.

Unlike other agencies, we don't provide different services for different industries. Our entire business revolves around email campaigns because it's what works best for our clients.

It also helps us get more out of it than any other agency by dedicating all our time and energy into this single thing! 

We're research & Data Centric

Ecommerce conversion rate optimization

Campaigns we build are based on the in-depth analysis of the past works, current situation and on the researches we made.

Everything we do revolves on data. We have worked on several researches which have led us to identify behaviour patterns among our clients' audience.

This knowledge helps us learn from past mistakes and develop better campaigns for future clients as well as current ones, thus making it more effective than ever before! 

we're timely

Ecommerce seo agency

To be successful, your business or company needs to distinguish itself from the rest of the competition. This necessitates building an implementing a rock-solid digital marketing strategy centered on your customers’needs and preferences.

At Imanov Media, we understand the trends of today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving eCommerce landscape inside out.

It makes us to be able to adopt to the latest trends in the industry and bring out the best possible strategy for your brand.

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